Creating a Spiritual Successor to Civ4

I’ve played all the games in the Civilization series – Civ, Civ2, Civ3, Civ4, Civ5 – most of the spin-offs (Colonization 1+2, Alpha Centauri), and many of the mods (especially the Civ3 and Civ4 mods).

I was disappointed by Civ5, and found myself yearning for something that combined the best bits of Civ4 (UX + core game), Civ4 mods (deep gameplay), and Civ5 (beautiful graphics, high performance).

I’m building it myself. This website charts progress, design-decisions, wins and fails. My goal is a fun, innovative, enjoyable new game at the end of it.

Why not mod Civ5 (or Civ6)?

The modding community has had two interrelated problems:

  1. Can’t charge for mods (2k Games, publisher of Civ games, has never created a simple, direct, system for modders to go commercial. Unlike e.g. Valve)
  2. Modders need money to eat, pay rent; they get jobs, and give up on their mods (maintaining and improving a mod take an enormous amount of time)

The only way to get around this long-term was to build my own complete game using no code, no assets, no resources from Civ games. I can sell it (or give it away free), and I can open it up to modders to not only mode but also to charge money for their mods.

There is a 50/50 chance that 2k Games will eventually choose to do something similar; but the way the series has developed after Civ4 has been disappointing: gameplay has suffered enormously. So we want to build from the best of Civ4 and Civ5, and Civ6 is definitely not doing that!

No worries; I’ll build it myself, and stay independent from 2k. I look forward to playing Firaxis’s future Civ games, but I’ve already diverged…